James graduated in 1992 with a First Class Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering and has worked since graduation in the Process and Chemicals industries, in design and management roles, in the UK, France and the Netherlands.  James is a Chartered Engineer.  James is passionate about expanding British industry. 

James is working hard within UKIP to develop practical policies to this effect.  This work includes the British Project*, a national plan to double British industry over 20 years and at the same time provide clean affordable energy based on nuclear and coal with CO2 conversion to methane using hydrogen from nuclear and wind..With EU membership coming to an end, James believes now is the time to develop the policies necessary for expanding British industry in real terms - see the British Project, which can be downloaded at: http://www.brexitinformation.com

James is very supportive of UKIP’s view that Britain cannot sustain more taxation.

The only long term sustainable model to fund properly the NHS, Social Care and other key services, is by expanding the wealth creating sectors of the economy notably our manufacturing industry.

James stood in North East Derbyshire in the 2010 and 2015 General Elections, and campaigned extensively in the Constituency for a Leave vote during last year’s referendum on EU membership. 

James is a founder member of the UKIP North East Derbyshire Branch and serves in the Branch as Treasurer.