Alan Graves is the UKIP Group Leader on Derby City Council. His experience on the council started back in 1995. He and his party led the campaign to Vote for Leave which was the most significant election since he has been able to vote.

Alan is concerned that the Brexit process is under attack from those within the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrat Party (and far too many Conservative MPs that voted Remain) and we could end up with the worst of all scenarios. UKIP is the only Brexit party with the knowledge of how people felt about the bad side to the EU.

In the seat he is standing, the current MP is long standing Margaret Beckitt and avid Remainer. Having been a Labour 'safe' seat since the 1950's the only hope people have in Derby South is to vote UKIP, not only to reflect the feeling of people in Derby South but also to ensure the Conservatives carry out the real job of leaving the EU.

Voters need to remember both the Labour Party and Conservative Party are still the same parties they were 5 and 10 years ago. Broken promises and false commitments are par for the course. Remember Labour giving an important train contract to Hitachi in Japan? And Conservative's gave one to Siemens in Germany. Let's look after our own railway industry first! 

Immigration is still a key issue and classed as a bargaining chip with EU officials. UKIP say NO!

Immigration should be controlled and numbers reduced. No one talks about Foreign Aid. £13 Billion a year (just gone up, under Theresa May). UKIP would not put up taxes and instead spend £10 Billion of this budget every year on British people.

Derby has suffered under both these parties, you only have to look at the state of the city. Alan is committed to bringing the city back to its' glory. He will be a champion of the city and most importantly the people of the city.