I was always a staunch independent because I believe that people’s opinions and local issues were greater than party dogma.

Councillors, MP’s etc. were ‘supposed’ to represent the views of the people – NOT dictate to them the party’s ideologies.

I was a town councillor for about 10 years and achieved the post of Mayor of Lutterworth.

I resigned from the Council in Jan 2015, on the run up to the General Election; I thought it more honorable to stand down, as I didn’t have the time to do both. (on reflection, perhaps not one of my better, though honorable decisions!).

My back ground:

Originally a Marine Engineer, then I worked in Ophthalmic Optics, before entering the Financial Services, where I became a Business Consultant.

As I learned more about UKIP, the more I realised our aims were synonymous. Indeed, as the 2015 manifesto was being published in chapters, it was (and still is), virtually identical to my own beliefs.

There is much talk that UKIP has served it’s purpose, I wanted an ‘OUT’ vote in the referendum, mission accomplished.

Well...  to my mind, UKIP was NEVER a one trick pony.

Getting the referendum was crucial, to getting the OUT vote, but getting the correct agreement is essential. The problem is I cannot trust Ms May to do that.

Ms May has misled the public time and time again

‘We’re not putting up Taxes and NIC’  yet she tried to increase NIC for the self-employed!

We’re not having an election before 2020 and here we are facing a snap election in 2017!

Brexit means Brexit so let’s fill the vacant Tory Candidate seats with remainers !

She didn’t excel as Home Secretary either, especially with the promise to get immigration   down!

The Tories are stealing OUR policies!

UKIP has many other aims as well. Not only the determination to reduce immigration and have an equal opportunities policy on merit, not only nationality, but UKIP will bring back control of our borders.

All services are under unacceptable pressure Police, NHS, Prison Service, Fire Service and the military. Our ex-servicemen are treated treacherously, UKIP will honor the covenant to our servicemen.

We are losing green spaces and our areas of natural beauty are being lost. UKIP will use Brown field sites first, we will put an end to the empty houses, (approx. 600,000 in Britain currently).

We will end health tourism, by  prioritising services, housing, jobs, etc, to local people.

Basic Common Sense

Listening to and empowering the people.

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