1. 1) We must ensure the exit from the EU is not fudged by the elite globalists who still hold sway in the echelons of power. We must have true independence from the EU, it needs our market far more than we need it and we must not allow ourselves to be browbeaten or mislead into a ‘deal’ that does not suit our interests.

2) As your UKIP PPC for Bolsover, I oppose the destruction of green belt and green fields – the awful housing quotas began life as EU inspired ‘targets’ more than 10 years ago under Labour and the Tories continue the plan – Bear in mind each new house generates 7 vehicle movements per day! Where is the infrastructure to cope with this? Development must be sympathetic and sustainable.

3) Our system of social care is in a mess – but we can waste billions on the European High Speed Rail network (HS2) that will make no tangible difference to the lives of most people in the UK. It is another EU policy that, if the Tories were serious about separation from the EU would have been scrapped and the money reallocated to critical programs like social care.

4) UKIP stands for direct democracy – local referendums and policies from which local people benefit.

5)  If we really ‘want our Country back’ we have to challenge the legacy politics of Labour and the Tories and ‘reset’ our plans to revitalise education, health, transport and environment to serve the people who live here.

6) The definition of madness is ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result’ – To bring real positive change to the way our systems work Vote UKIP – we punch well above our weight – and we will work hard for all of you.

Philip Rose:       BOLSOVER

Many folk suggest that the EU referendum and the public vote to withdraw meant that UKIP no longer has a significant role in British politics…..

I beg to differ!

I joined UKIP to challenge the status quo, to challenge the policies pursued by both Labour and Tories which do little to further the interests of normal people in the UK.

UKIP offers voters a chance to support those who will support the interests of all of our people.